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Mollydooker The Violinist Verdelho 2016


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90 / 100

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WHO IS THE VIOLINIST? The Violinist is Sarah, who was made to play the violin right handed in school, so that she didn’t poke her neighbour in the eye with her bow.

The Violinist Verdelho offers up a decadent experience; aromas of honeysuckle, pineapple and some lemon and lime zest. The palate is generous with an expansive mouthfeel and an unctuous like texture that slowly builds to the finish. Delicate hints of vanilla and spice created by the subtle use of oak is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

2016 was Mollydooker’s biggest vintage to date, with a total 1437 tonne of grapes crushed and into barrel. Budburst was a week later than usual, but veraison and harvesting were generally right on cue, despite several heat spikes (up to 42°C/108°F) early in the season. To handle the extra fruit we decided to increase our fermentation capacity in the winery, this meant that a lot of work needed to be completed before the fruit arrived. Much thought and a whole lot of manpower went into creating four new temperature controlled 10 tonne fermenters. The tanks were installed just one week before the fruit arrived, phew! Our first pick was our McLaren Vale Verdelho in the third week of February. The last time we made The Violinist Verdelho was in 2013, so it was exciting to see its return in 2016. The arrival of all our red grapes were fortunately well spaced out, which allowed the winemakers ample space to handle the fruit in the winery. During March and April the weather remained mild which was perfect for grape maturation, allowing the flavour and Fruit WeightTM to consistently increase week by week. The ferments were well behaved and finished off beautifully in barrel, allowing early oak integration and added complexity in the wines.

Region McLaren Vale
Vintage 2012

90 / 100 Cellarmaster Value Rating

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