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  • Cielo e Terra 3 Passo Bianco 2020

Cielo e Terra 3 Passo Bianco 2020


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94 / 100

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Since 1908, the Cielo family has been delivering high quality wines from Veneto. With Extraordinary Italian Wines, they have created a new collection of Italian blends, where their master winemaker combines renowned international varietals with often lesser-known local ones, to produce exceptional fruit-driven wines, designed to suit and intrigue the most demanding consumer.

"Explosive aromas of citrus, nuts, and caramel, finishing with intriguing floral notes. Rich and ripe, with crisp acidity. Creamy texture and a long, pleasantly smooth finish. Partially produced from overripe grapes that are processed using the appassimento method.96 Points Luca Maroni

Region Veneto

94 / 100 Cellarmaster Value Rating

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