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Cielo e Terra 3 Passo Bianco 2022


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HK$128   each
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Since 1908, the Cielo family has been delivering high quality wines from Veneto. With Extraordinary Italian Wines, they have created a new collection of Italian blends, where their master winemaker combines renowned international varietals with often lesser-known local ones, to produce exceptional fruit-driven wines, designed to suit and intrigue the most demanding consumer.

On the nose the wine is wide and intense with pleasant hints of tropical fruit. The taste is fresh and fragrant with great structure and smoothness with a delicate and aromatic aftertaste. The wine will pair well with rich first courses, white meats and mature cheeses.

Critic awards

An organic blend of Chardonnay and Fiano from Apulia. The grapes are partially dried which creates greater complexity and body to the wine. Fresh and fragrant. Explosive aromas of citrus and nuts with intriguing flower notes. A crisp acidity and a great texture make a pleasant finish. A lot to like here, something different.

— 96 points, Luca Maroni

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