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Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay 2017


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Palate Profile

The harvest in 2017 was an unusual one from several perspectives. Firstly, the summer was unusually cool, with temperatures only reaching a maximum of 27°C on two separate days in early February. Normally, we would expect at least one or two days to reach 30°C, and a good many more in the 26-30°C range. Secondly, the weather was particularly windy, which dried the soil out and resulted in distinct signs of water stress in the vineyards. This ended up being quite favourable as it seemed to bring forward the date of maturity. The wind was also very instrumental in keeping temperatures down. Thirdly, the harvest season was punctuated by several episodes of rain. The first was a 50mm hit on the 16th of February, well before we started harvesting the sparkling wine grapes on the 21st. This rain had no effect at all, because the ground was so dry that it disappeared without a trace.
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