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Mateus 80th Anniversary Rosé 6pk - (each box will have 6 random designs)


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In 1942, the Portuguese company Sogrape and its founder Fernando Van Zeller Guedes, launched one of the world’s most innovative wines. Its striking image, unique flavour and curious bottle have brought it fame worldwide. The unique and iconic bottle (inspired by the flasks used by soldiers in the First World War) has contributed to the wine’s enormous success.

To celebrate 80 years of their history, Mateus have created a limited edition of 3 bottles linked to an area that has always inspired and accompanied them: music. 

Dance Music

It represents the free spirit, youth, and levity of those who just want to enjoy the moment without thinking about anything else. Anyone who has danced for hours on end to dance music knows what this means. Whoever drank Mateus on a sunny afternoon does too.


It represents the soul. The culture. The tradition. Like Mateus, fado also reinvented and modernised itself, but it never lost its main ingredient: essence. And just like Mateus, Fado music continues to carry Portugal’s name around the world.


It represents irreverence, attitude and even some boldness. Mateus has always been a rock fan. And rock has always been a fan of Mateus. Jimmy Hendrix drank it. Ace Frehley drank it. Elton John drank it. Restless spirits, with strong personalities, who created pieces that stood the test of time. Just like Mateus created their bottle.

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