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  • Taylor's Single Harvest Crystal Carafe Limited Edition 1896 - PRE ORDER
  • Taylor's Single Harvest Crystal Carafe Limited Edition 1896 - PRE ORDER

Taylor's Single Harvest Crystal Carafe Limited Edition 1896 - PRE ORDER


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1896 was one of the finest vintages of the 19th century and with very slow and gentle ageing in hand crafted oak casks, this wine has attained a magical quality, creating ports of extreme aromatic complexity with delightfully mellow structures.

Adrian Bridge, Taylor’s Managing Director commented: “The launch of a wine as old, valuable and unique as this one occurs only a handful of times in a generation. It is by its nature, a historic event in its own right, which Taylor’s is proud to share with wine collectors and connoisseurs of rare wines.” He adds: “Savouring such a wine is a once in a lifetime experience.” 

Over the years, Taylor’s has released a number of very valuable, limited edition Ports of great age. These include the very rare SCION from 1855 and the Taylor’s 1863 Single Harvest Port, one of the last pre-Phylloxera wines to be offered for sale. The 1896 Single Harvest Port is the latest of these very rare 19th century releases.

Presented in a bespoke decanter of Scottish crystal and an elegant luxury cherrywood case with a certificate of authenticity signed by Taylor’s Managing Director, Adrian Bridge.

With just 1,700 bottles produced,

Quantities are extremely limited so do let me know of your interest at your earliest opportunity as we will need to review the offers regularly. 

"Mahogany core with olive green highlights on the rim. The magical quality of this wine is unique, hard to compare even with the few other wines of similar age that have survived to the present day. Its depth and density are astonishing, even taking into account the wine’s concentration over a century and a quarter of ageing in wood. At first, a rich and seductive redolence of black coffee and liquorice takes centre-stage but a host of other scents and nuances soon emerge from the wings, creating an intricate display of complex aroma. Notes of sawn cedarwood blend with hints of dried rose petal, fennel and eucalyptus. Notes of black pepper and vanilla add a warm spicy dimension. On the palate the wine is dense, round and velvety with impressive volume and concentration, the sweetness balanced by a fresh acidity. Mellow flavours of coffee and butterscotch combine with vibrant notes of orange peel and citrus. The finish is endless, the dense mellow flavours remaining on the palate long after the wine has been tasted."

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RegionDouro Valley

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