A Guide to Wine Pairing with Organic Food

A Guide to Wine Pairing with Organic Food

When it comes to pairing wine with food items, you need to be very careful and well; perfect in the pairing. That’s because if you pair the wrong wine with the wrong dish, it’ll probably make the whole dine and wine thing completely busted. As when you pair wine with food, it’s mainly about enhancing the already present flavours in both a lot more, making it tastier to serve as. 

But before you go ahead and pair the perfect wine with your organic food, it’s important you look out for the tastiest of organic meat dishes. Because obviously, the more tasty organic meat items you choose to have, the classier and tastier your overall meal would turn out to be.

Tips on Pairing the Right Wine with the Right Dish!

Pair Light Wine with Light Dishes:
When it comes to pair a light wine, it works best to pair it with dishes that have a similar level of taste in them. Because having it alongside a similar tasting dish would just rightly enhance the flavor of both the wine and the dish. Similarly, just like light tasting foods pair rightly with lighter-tasting wines, the intense flavored foods and wines work as a perfect pair too.

Keep a Sweeter Wine Than Your Meal:
Another great and important fact to consider when you’re pairing your wine with your meal is that, having a slightly sweeter wine than your food works generally good. This is mainly because if you pair an over-acidic wine with even a slightly sweet dish than it might make it taste sour. 

Acidic Wines with Fattier Dishes:
Just how sweeter wine fits rightly with a less sweet dish, if you pair an acidic wine with a fattier dish, it would make the overall taste a lot better. As this way, the acidic wine would be able to cut some of the richness of the meal, making it a perfect combination to go with.

Keep Your Wine Bottle Opened Before You Dine:
Another important thing that not many know while pairing a wine with the organic dishes, is the fact that they can make their wine’s taste more enhanced just by letting it breather for a while. So if you leave your wine bottle open for at least or about a half-hour, it will surely lose some of its sharpness making it tastier while letting it mellow out. 

Now that we’ve considered the right tastes of the wine and food types, it’ll be easier for you to understand how to pair it the right way. But just in case you get confused anywhere in the middle, you can look below on to which wine would fit just rightly with which organic food type.

Which Wine would Go with Which Organic Food?

Roasted Vegetables with Sweet Wine Will Do:
You might not have really assumed this pairing of wine before, but once you try it out; it will surely make you increase your list of delicious wine pairings. For this, you’ll simply need a simple plate of lightly browned or roasted vegetables in the oven and pair it with a sweet wine. A suitable and naturally sweet option of wine for this pairing could either be a fine glass of Gewurztraminer or Riesling.

Pair the Right Wine with Your Green Salad:
Now just because salads are all for health and strength, doesn’t mean you can’t pair a suitable wine with it and make the most out of your healthy meal, right? So for that you can simply add a chicken breast in your green salad and include a glass of higher acidic wine to taste just right. This could either be a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris, to accompany your healthy meal with a perfect taste.

Light Wines Are Perfect with Avocado
So even if you’re up for a light avocado toast or guacamole as your instant snack, it can still be perfectly paired with a suitable wine. For this, you can go for a bright and light wine to pair it with your avocado dish, just the right way. Some such wines would be ‘a dry rose’ or a light Vinho Verde!

White or Red Wine with Fish?
So when it comes to having grilled salmon or any other oily or strong tasting fish, it tastes just right with the wines that are bigger or stronger in their flavour. This includes both the red and white wine perfectly tasting with your favourite grilled fish. For a better idea, you can try to pair your salmon with either an oaky Chardonnay or an earthy Pinot Noir, having it slightly col or chill. 

Now that you’ve got all the details on how to rightly pair your wine with the perfect organic dish, go ahead and make your meal tastier an exciting!

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