King Louis Champagne

King Louis Champagne

King Louis champagne is one of the largest producers of Champagne in the world in the 21st century. They combine their wine production with the reflection of the French culture and tradition of wine history.

King Louis Luxury Champagne

Their production is based on the selection of the best grapes from the Grand Cru village of Le Mesnil Sur Oger (Rokka, 2017). They are committed to making Champagne of the highest quality in the world, a brand that reflects the champagne ideas of the king Louis XIV of France.

King Louis Champagne
The brand production began in 2010 when an archeological discovery was made in the village of Le Mesnil Sur Oger. The discovery was made an old cellar that was dated back to the 18th century was being restored and modernized to aid in the production of more Champagne.

King Louis Champagne Cellars

Just as the cellars used in the production of Champagne in the 18th century, the cellars were found 30 meters underground. During the restoration, a broken antique bottle was found lying in the cellar. Next to the bottle fragments was a gold coin. The coin was later discovered to have been the official currency during the reign of King Louis, who headed the French monarch back in the 18th century. 

Back then, the discovered coin was called Louis D’Or. It was then that the King Louis champagne brand was born. The brand is produced by the 7th generation champagne growers. The brand represents the history and the love for wine that the sun king had. His exclusive taste is represented in the quality the brand possesses.

King Louis Champagne Gold Coin

King Louis brand took the broken bottle from the cellar and took it for remodeling. To give the brand a more acceptable look and a taste of the French champagne culture, they took the bottle and adopted it to be used in bottling their champagne brand. The sheer luck of finding the bottle was the reason behind the birth of the king Louis champagne brand. To make it more alike with what the predecessors used, they decided to adopt the bottle design of the 18th century to bottle their Champagne and give it an adequate look. The shape of the bottle found in the cellar was the same that was used in 1783. The bottle belonged to the king, who fostered the worldwide popularity of Champagne..

King Louis Champagne
Louis champagne producer’s quest to produce the highest quality wine in the world has adopted and modernized the 30 meters deep cellars for the production of their brand.The conditions down there are maintained at 10 degrees constant temperature and a 90% humidity for the best results in their wine.

Le Mesnil Sur Oger
King Louis champagne owns the “king of champagne villages,” producing only chardonnay grapes, it commands the highest price per kilo of grapes in the entire Champagne region of France. The Belemnite soil, absorbed in chalk formed during the cretaceous period 100 million years ago left a sub soil that is rich in lime and calcite. This special soil nourishes the vine in an unique way that allows the vine roots to dig freely deep underground with the ability to withhold moisture while simultaneously allowing any excess to drain away.

The temperature of the Belemnite soil remains constant throughout the entire year and it releases limestone minerals giving the grapes higher acidities and assists in photosynthesis providing the highest concentration of Haute quality grapes in the World.

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