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Stone & Wood Brewing

Born and raised in Byron Bay, proudly independent and local, brewing and bottling approachable beer in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

After catching a wave or a band at the pub, exploring the hinterland or catching up with friends – this beer is brewed for times like these. Beer is for the locals, friends passing through and those who appreciate good beer in Hong Kong.

This region’s natural beauty, its eclectic and community-minded people and the conscious approach to living inspire their beers.

This shaped their philosophies and values, influencing their approach to business and to living a good life. They try to not overcomplicate things; instead, they try to keep it simple and real, while using beer as a force for good.

The way of living around Byron Bay is the way it should be.




Stone & Wood Green Coast Lager *6X330ml*

RRP HK$180.00
HK$125.00 each

HK$125.00 in any 6+
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