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Bottega 21 Limoncino Limoncello 500ml


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Limoncino 21 Bottega is produced from an infusion of “Femminello” lemon peels. In Italy, “Femminello” is among the most widespread lemon cultivars. Its main features are a fine-grained peel and high- quality essential oils. This variety of lemon is called “Femminello” because of the fertility of the plant, which flowers three times a year. 

Lemon peels are infused in organic alcohol for nearly 30 days, during which colors and aromas are extracted. The liquid is then separated from peels, and sugar and grappa are added. Limoncino 21 Bottega is fresh and pleasant; thanks to its moderate alcohol content, its taste and bouquet are more intense. 21% Alc./Vol

Country Italy

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