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Bottega Pistaccio Liqueur 500ml


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It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by an intense aroma of pistachio. Pistachios are the fruit of a plant native of the Middle East, now growing spontaneously on the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna. They have always been renowned for their nutritional properties. Pistachios, exclusively harvested in Sicily, are processed according to a traditional method and turned into a paste which preserves all their precious organoleptic characteristics. The paste is then expertly mixed with alcohol, water and sugar, creating a creamy, round, velvety liqueur with an intense an inebriating aroma of Sicilian pistachios. With a final touch of grappa, Pistacchio Bottega gains a particular aromaticity, making it unique and unmistakable. ABV: 17%. Lactose-free: No milk is contained in this liqueur, which can therefore be enjoyed if intolerant to milk proteins or lactose.

Country Italy

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