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Cayeya Single Barrel Anejo Tequila 700ml (with giftbox)

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Tequila Cayéya Single Barrel Añejo presents itself with unwavering authenticity in its cask strength bottling. The distillate embarks on a transformation, maturing initially within a singular American White Oak cask for a span of 15.5 months.

This journey concludes with a refined touch as it rests within a sole French Oak cask for an additional 2.5 months, embodying the essence of a true single barrel, single finish Tequila – an unblended masterpiece.

This extraordinary tequila is only released periodically, a testament to the intricate production process required to bestow this coveted spirit upon you.


Cayeya Single Barrel Anejo offers bold toasted oak and caramel notes from extended aging. Layers of vanilla, maple syrup, and toffee create an enticing bouquet, with hints of dark chocolate and espresso adding depth, amplified by the high cask strength.

The initial sip reflects the oak’s influence with rich butterscotch, dark caramel, and intense toasted vanilla flavors. The higher alcohol content intensifies this profile, while robust notes of dark chocolate, black cherries, and black pepper add complexity.

The mid-palate brings spicy layers from re-charred American oak—cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Enhanced richness from 2.5 extra months at cask strength adds subtle smokiness, dried fruits, and hints of leather—a captivating taste profile.

The long, robust finish features dominant charred oak and dark caramel notes, offering a satisfying conclusion heightened by the cask strength’s delightful warmth.

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