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Vintec VWS121SCA-X (Classic Series) - (108 Bottle Capacity)

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RRP HK$14,800 
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HK$12,698  each
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Temperature Setting Electronic
LED Display Yes
Reversible Door Hinges* Yes
Capacity (bottles)** 108
Adjustable Temperature 6°C - 18°C
No. of Wooden Shelves 11
Dimension (H x W x D) mm 1389 x 595 x 680
Weight (kg) 93

*Preference of door hinge position (left/ right) must be confirmed upon ordering. 
**Capacity is based on Bordeaux type 0.75 litre and subject to the number of shelves and display pattern.

Classic Series
  • Single Temperature Zone for aging purpose
  • Sliding Wooden Shelves
  • Crystal White LED Light
  • Double Layer Glass Door
  • Equipped with Lock (Hexagonal Key)

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