Xavier Vignon - One of the Leading Oenologists in the Southern Rhône

Xavier Vignon - One of the Leading Oenologists in the Southern Rhône

Xavier Vignon was born in Picardie in northern France, close to the Champagne region. Before becoming a world-famous winemaker, he originally studied geological research. Through years of research on the fossil geology of the Champagne region and exchanges with many winemakers, he only step by step involved in planting, brewing and management, becoming a world-renowned Winemaking consultant.

As a wine consultant, he has been hired to fly to the southern hemisphere of Australia and New Zealand, like the world-famous Michel Rolland, in addition to the local Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsace and Rhone regions. He is a professional brewing consultant.

He has served as a wine consultant for many famous chateaux of Pope Newcastle in Rhone River, including Vieille Julienne, Marcoux, Grand Veneur, Raymond Usseglio, La Nerthe, and Mordorée.

In this context, Xavier has a very high degree of mastery in grape varieties. According to his in-depth understanding of various grapes, regardless of a single variety or a mixture of multiple varieties, he can fully grasp and retain a full sense of minerality. Therefore, he has been dominated by the winery, in addition to the unique terroir performance of the AOC production area, style Present a more elegant and smooth personality. The red berries are abundant and the tannins are fine.

When he first visited the Nanlong River more than 20 years ago, he was deeply attracted by this place. There are more than 25 kinds of diverse grape growing environments, perfect weather conditions, and a high proportion of vines. When a variety of high-quality grapes can be produced at the same time in the production area, the art of mixing becomes even more precious here, which is also Xavier's most unique and unique feature.

Therefore Xavier is determined to establish his own winery in the Pope Newcastle district of the Rhone River Valley. Since betting on himself, Xavier is very particular about the quality of the grapes, from the geological research he is good at, to the management of the vineyards, the nearby terrain and topography, as reflected in the final grape quality. Therefore, wine critics praised Xavier's wine for its sweet fruit flavor, elegant personality not easily seen in Rhone District, terroir and minerality.

"Consulting at a number of top estates, Xavier Vignon  is one of the leading oenologists in the Southern Rhone -- and you only need to taste his own negociant wines to understand why. I was blown away by these current and new releases. Across the board they showed beautifully made profiles, with not only loads of fruit and texture, but superb balance and classic Southern Rhone characters. In fact, each of the wines showed what I think of as textbook characteristics of the terroirs from which they come. In addition, the prices remain remarkably low, and these wines are a treasure trove for the savvy buyer." Robert Parker, Wine Advocate

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