Visit our gourmet food & wine festival to sample local delights and international flavours and enjoy the creative surroundings of The Muse. at Hotel Stage.

Discover a unique selection of international food and drinks, irresistible snacks and gourmet gifts at unbeatable prices.

European & Australian Wines from Cellarmaster Wines

Sample the latest Australian 'Hidden Label' wines and superb cuvees from France, Italy and Germany.

Premium Italian gourmet groceries from Bella Ciao

Delicious Italian deli produce including Salami, Pasta, Cookies, Oils, Pâté, Spreads and more!

Cheese from CheeseBB

Artisanal cheeses including Grand Cru 12 months and XO 26 months

Caviar from Imperial Cristal Caviar

Luxurious Osteria & Imperial caviar sourced from around the world

Natural Honey Soda from FizzyBee

Made in with Honey from Hong Kong!

About The Venue

A stage with three acts, The Muse highlights a vision to offer the hotel as a stage for culture and the community. Designed as three places in one seamless space, each scene at The Muse serves as a guide for explorers of life and culture. Each act is an open invitation for guests and participants to be immersed in a creative and convivial space.